consumer shopping habits

Post Covid-19 Consumer Shopping Habits

COVID-19 has changed consumer shopping habits for the foreseeable future. This is especially true in the grocery sector. Dalhousie Universities’ spring study revealed that only 24% of Canadians felt comfortable with the idea of in-store grocery shopping.[i] In addition, there has being a surge in online food sales. This is significant given before COVID-19, Canadians […]

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Food Distribution Guy Interviews HeyJute

Welcome to our inaugural video podcast series. I am pleased to be joined by our latest client, Mr. VJ Bala, President, HeyJute to discuss the introduction of their line of plant-based, compostable tableware. HeyJute® is an Innovative Canadian brand that offers Environmentally Conscious, Packaging, Promotional Branding, and Geo-textile solutions in a market otherwise saturated by […]

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business success during covid-19

5 Keys To Success for New Brand Entrants During Covid-19

Small to medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. They contribute approximately 38.4% of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).[i] This is especially true in the Canadian grocery sector. For the 52-week period ending September 2019, the top 101+ brand’s growth contribution was 26.5% vs. 18.6% for the Top 20 brands. Overall, private label and […]

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