Food Distribution Guy provides industry expertise, creative sales, marketing strategies and addresses distribution challenges that assist their clients in breaking through the competitive landscape to attain short and long-term increased sales in the Canadian grocery sector.






Market Assessment:
Is the Canadian Grocery Sector Viable for your Brand


a. Who are the key banners in the grocery and health store sector?

b. What are the emerging category and consumer trends?

c. Who are your brands key competitors?

d. What makes your brand unique and how best to position yourself in the Canadian Market?





Brand Assessment:
Are you Exploiting Your Brands Unique Selling Proposition?


a. What makes your brand unique?

b. How  best to position your brand in the market?

c. What are the rational and emotion benefits associated with your brand?






Marketing Plan:
Do you have a Go-To Marketing Strategy to Drive Brand Awareness?


a. Who is your ideal Target Audience?

b. What are your brands key strategies and tactics to engage with them at the point of interaction?





Sales Plan:
Does Your Brand Require National Sales Representation?


Act as a sales liaison and present your brand to brokers and create a compelling case as to why they should represent you.





Long-Term Strategic Business Plan:
What is your Brand’s Long-Term Vision?


a. What are your brand’s long-term goals?

b. What are your brand’s long-term business opportunities?

c. What is the action plan for each of the newly identified business opportunities?



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