Consumers Expectation on the Environment

Consumers Expectations For The Environment And the Impact on Your Brand

Consumers are concerned with global warming, and the impact it is having on the environment. Global tragedies linked to global warming are happening in front of our eyes every day. Though fossil fuels receive most of the attention, the food sector is highly scrutinized. Globally, wasted food contributes 11% of the world’s total greenhouse gases, […]

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The Clean Eating Evolution

The Clean Eating Revolution

The constant change in the grocery sector makes it an exciting sector in which to work. Given consumer food habits are constantly changing, it makes for exciting times for consultants like myself, brokers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers. For instance, while 62% of consumers review a product’s ingredient list, more than half use front-of-pack labeling as […]

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Consumers Health and the Environment

Consumer’s Health and the Environment – Brand’s Exclusive Challenge!

The global pandemic of the past two years has impacted many aspects of consumers’ lifestyles, and priorities, especially when it comes to personal health and wellness. A recent study revealed that 60% of global consumers are planning to improve their overall health and wellness over the next 12-months. As part of consumers’ attention to their […]

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