Food Distribution Guy has assisted clients across the food sector on a range of specific branding, marketing and sales distribution services. The following clientele overviews demonstrates the business results which we have delivered for our clients as we continue to successfully assist them in Getting and Staying Listed.


Food Distribution Guy’s Clientele


Family run business specializing in Artizan made marinades and mustards seeked assistance in securing sales representation. Having created a brand and marketing plan that successfully positioned them for the retail sector in a category with severe competition, await direction they would like to take to market having generated interest from a distributor and broker.


Having been recognized as US best tasting all-natural peanut butter, Crazy Richard’s seeked to bring their exciting line of products into the Canadian market. Despite a crowed sector, successfully secured Crazy Richard’s with national broker representation that has led to projected listings with Loblaw and Sobeys.


Having being successful in their home province of Quebec, Olimega seeked to diversify distribution nationally for their line of Camelina Oil. Assisted them in securing national broker representation, account presentations in progress.


Emerging food entrepreneur seeked assistance for their line of pita crisps. Developed a brand and marketing plan and successfully secured them national distribution which lead to prominent presence in the health store sector. Presently weighing distribution options for their line of Greek Mountain tea.


International line of cookies and biscuits contacted Food Distribution Guy to assist them in securing broker representation. In a category dominated by 3 major players, we assisted them in broker presentations in which they selected the services of one of those firms.


NH Foods seeked out assistance to market their line of Kabkeb – Middle Eastern stuffed appetizer. Developed a best in class brand and marketing strategy that successfully assisted our clients in securing retail listings with Metro’s across Ontario.


With the endorsement of Chef J.Oliver, Chef Seasons looked to export their line of seasonings and spices into the Canadian grocery sector. Having developed a comprehensive brand and marketing plan to go head on head with McCormick, successfully secured national broker representation for them.


Mississauga’s only independently run arena snack bar was the lone entity not making money. Created a comprehensive brand and marketing plan that successfully increased sales by 15% within the first year of implementation.


All the Best Coffee Service was in need of a re-brand. Successfully re-branded as KD-Café, they successfully penetrated new markets with their coffee vending machine.


Family run business seeking to introduce their new line of decomposable tableware. Already in talks with a food broker to represent them, they seeked out Food Distribution Guy to offer an alternative. Having a good understanding of their needs, successfully identified and secured them national broker representation that addressed their needs.


Privately operated firm I met at CHFA West. Having secured distribution across Western Canada for their line of bottle water made from plant-based materials, they looked to expand distribution in Ontario and Eastern Canada. Successfully identified and secured them a national food broker for the balance of Canada.


Privately run business that invites consumers to create their own plant-based meat. Having met them at Natural Product Expo East in 2018. Having successfully sold them on the Canadian market, we secured them national sales representation for the Canadian market.

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