Helping emerging and established food businesses succeed is what we do best. Your one-stop resource to the retail grocery sector. If you are an emerging or established food business looking to expand your distribution or you are a USA based company looking to bring your product into the Canadian market, we are the firm for you.

Why Us?

Having worked with brands in competitive sectors, we understand the challenges our clients will encounter. We provide you with 25+ years of hands-on experience of driving brands growth within sectors with formidable competition. We provide our clients with the attention to detail it deserves in the Canadian market.

Our Services


We educate and keep our clients up to date on the latest grocery and consumer trends.

Retail Pricing Strategy

We complete a suggestive national retail pricing strategy to ensure your brand will be competitively priced in the grocery sector.

Brand Assessment

Look through the eyes of the consumer and decipher: a. What makes your brand unique? b. How best to position your brand in the market?

Marketing Plan

Go-to-market strategy to drive brand awareness and stimulate trial purchase or

Marketing Plan Appraisal

Receive a second opinion from a seasoned marketing professional to: a. Assess your marketing plan. b. Create an effective and cost-conscious trade promotions program.

Sales Plan

a. Broker vs. Distributor? What is the best sales option for your brand? b. Act as a sales liaison and present your brand to brokers and / or distributors and create a compelling case as to why they should represent you.


We continue to work with our clients through the execution of their marketing plan.

* Additional Services

1. Safe Foods for Canadian Regulations. 2. Products ingredients conformation. 3. Bilingual packaging. 4. Seeking to have one of the following certifications: a. Plant-based. b. Organic. c. Halal d. Kosher. 5. Social media assistance

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