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The distributors priority is to generate sales from the product assortment they are authorized to carry. Food Distribution Guy plays a more active hands-on role with your brand. Our role is to help ensure your success is sustainable in the long-term and to assist you in obtaining product distribution.

What Differentiates us From the Distributor?

what differentiates us from a distributor


Mr. Jeff Duggan

General Manager / VIC Johnston Community Centre

Your research was extremely comprehensive, covering not only our local market and competitors, but also sourcing best practices from a variety of comparables in external markets providing us with a broad perspective to measure against. I was impressed with your ability to gather information independently, and then find the relevant information to share with us.

Mr. Scott Stevenson

Publisher/ President / Chill Media Inc.

On behalf of Chill Media Inc., I wanted to personally thank you for your diligence, professionalism and attention to detail. The business plans provided for the various divisions will prove invaluable in our planning of the respective launches of the media and digital properties. Continued success, look forward to working with you again Richard!

James Roumeliotis and Manny Favas - Artizan Fine Foods

When I think of Richard Baker (besides baking), three words come to mind: competence, integrity, and efficiency. Ever since we got onboard with him, which did not take much to convince us, he has been providing us with practical and well researched marketing insights, been on his feet-on-the-street making calls, connections, as well as instrumental in getting us with a prominent nationwide health food distributor ‒ at the very least. All to say, he is a pleasure to work with along with one getting the job done.



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