Why Can’t I Get Listed?

When I first met my client Mike, he thought that that he had the best new product since slice bread was introduced. When he approached me two years later, he was so dejected that he was considering going back to his full time job. He could not connect with customers and list his coffee service. When we looked at what was wrong, we identified why customers (and retailers) were turning him down. His brand had no identity. For small food manufacturers, I define their brand as “Their” Identity”. It is who they are and what they represent to their customers by way of their promise, point of differential and personality.

Though the word “Brand” may have many differential meanings, there are 3 facts that cannot be questioned which business must recognize:

1. The Brand is business’s most valuable asset
2. A brand is unique that cannot be copied
3. A successful Brand is timeless

Having defined your Brand identity, there are 4 core elements (4C’s) it must exhibit:
1. Confidence: “Feeling of trust”. If consumers lose confidence in your brand, the trust they placed in your hands goes with it.
2. Competence: “Standardized requirement for your brand to perform its specific task”. Does your brand live up to its promise? Is it consistent?
3. Continuance: Is your brand evolving to keep up with changes in the
4. Commitment: “The act of engagement”. Are you and your employees committed to your Brand?
Let’s get back to my client’s coffee service. Analyzing his brand, we identified he was not aware of his U.S.P. (unique selling proposition, i.e. what makes him different from other coffee services) or what his brand promise was. In addition, his brand had not evolved over time. People still thought of it as the coffee their parents drank. In creating my clients “new” brand identify, we created a new brand name, a new plan and a new tagline that reflected his identity. I’m happy to report that my client successfully increased his coffee service listing by 25% within the first 6-months.

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