Podcast Interview with Samantha Vlasceanu, Tiktok Coach



She’s an entrepreneur at heart and has spent the last 10 years as an operational consultant. She understands full well the demands of social media and how daunting it can be for some. It’s not easy and is definitely time-consuming, but there are rewards to reap. Her specialty is working with Badass SHE.E.O’s that are looking to make more by working smarter, not harder.

So how did she find TikTok? She started using it when she was looking to promote and grow her own start-up venture & quickly grew from 0 to 120K+ and used the platform to gain exposure which resulted in partnerships, speaking engagements, and even sales!

As she continued to dabble, she realized brands and businesses weren’t using TikTok to their advantage and the platform had so much untapped potential. That’s when she knew she had to help share all the tips and tricks she learned. You can call her your TikTok Coach.

From lawyers to coaches to several She.E.O’s in all different industries she’s worked with a variety of businesses. Her mission is to help and teach you to create more engaging content that will convert your followers into actual paying customers.

Listen in as I discover more about the TikTok Coach!