Though today’s global markets offer business the best opportunity to boost revenues and profits, expanding into new foreign markets is both exciting and a challenge. It takes research and a detailed plan to ensure a business’ international expansion efforts pay off.

I have witnessed first-hand international firms attend Canadian trade shows believing they will secure a listing with a major retailer only to leave disappointed and achieve ”No” Return On Their Investment. The Canadian market has strict import regulations, and the food sector is extremely competitive. Food Distribution Guy would be more than pleased to complete a “Market Assessment” specific to your brand and line of products. We will assist you in identifying your brands unique selling proposition and the niche you can exploit in the Canadian market.

Market Assessment Outline:


i. Grocery retail sector overview

1. Identifying key banners

a. Traditional
b. Mass merchant
c. Club
d. Drug
e. Health
f. Ethnic

2. Market share breakdown by channel
3. Market share break down by banner by province
4. Online sales review

ii. Category overview

1. Category sales in Canada (Macro level)
2. Market trends in the category
3. Categories square footage by channel

iii. Consumer overview

1. Emerging trends
2. Why do they consume this product?
3. What does the consumers anticipate from this category?

iv. Competitive Overview

1. Who are your direct competitors?
2. Which retailers list these brands?
3. How many product facings do they have?
4. Competitors retail price point
5. Competitors strengths and weaknesses

v. Grocery retailers programs

1. What are retailers listing fees?
2. What are retailers inside program?
3. Anticipated retailers margins
4. Grocery retailers programs

vi. Canadian broker / distributor expectations

1. Brokers standard commission rate and retainer fee
2. Margin expectations for distributors

vii. Social license questions

1. What harm was brought to animals during manufacturing?
2. What is the manufacturing facilities industry recognized credentials?
3. What are products health attributes?
4. Where was the product manufactured?
5. Is fair trade supported in any capacity?

viii. Canadian dollar – currency exchange

1. Where is the Canadian dollar trading with respect to USD and Euro?
2. How does this affect suggested retail selling price


i. What makes their brand unique?
ii. What does the brand bring to the category?
iii. Suggestive brand positioning for Canadian market.