Grocery Wars

Happenings & Trends in Canada's Grocery Sector

January 2015 Newsletter

In December, I took my youngest Jack Russell Terrier to the vet for his annual check up. Grover is the one looking up at me. Upon confirmation he is in good health, reminded me of how ill he was just 4 1/2 years ago and the prospect he would not live pass the age of 1 […]

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November 2014 Newsletter

Fall is a great time for my rescued Jack Russell Terriers. (Don’t they look gorgeous in this picture). They love the outdoors and trips to the cottage. Though I wish I could do the same I have being too busy launching my new business, “Food Distribution Guy” – Though the traditional Canadian grocery sector is […]

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Why Can’t I Get Listed?

When I first met my client Mike, he thought that that he had the best new product since slice bread was introduced. When he approached me two years later, he was so dejected that he was considering going back to his full time job. He could not connect with customers and list his coffee service. When we looked at […]

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